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AKA Addresses Rumors That He Is Gay

TurnUpMusic Staff

September 5, 2018

AKA Addresses Rumors That He Is Gay! AKA is undeniably one of the biggest Hip Hop artists in the country with one of the biggest catalogues and this also makes him one of the most scrutinised people.

A couple of pictures of the rapper recently surfaced with him standing in a public space with his shirt off. He was talking to another man who was also shirtless with AKA’s hands around the white males neck. This had the internet going crazy after the pictures surfaced speculating that the rapper is gay.

The rapper explained saying that he is too famous to take his pants off in public and not get pictures of him taken. “I’m not bothered by being called “gay” … what I am bothered by is that you guys think Im so lit I would take my pants off in a club after a show,” tweeted AKA.

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