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Uploading music:

Due to COVID-19 we are operating at a limited capacity and have put uploads via our website on hold. Please check back for updates on opening dates. Thank you for your patience and understanding, all the best #TeamTurnUp. 

What is an ISRC and how does it work?
ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is the globally recognized standard numbering system for audio and music video recordings. It comprises a 12-digit alphanumeric code and functions as a universal identification number for each sound recording. If you do not have one for your track, please advise and we will have one allocated for you. This is your unique code to keep and use to track royalty payments and airplay.
What are Sync Rights and how do they work?
“Synchronise” or “sync” for short, means the process of playing an existing composition and/or Sound Recording in conjunction with a moving picture of any kind including but not limited to: films, television series, advertisements, documentaries, websites, social media. The content provider (artist) warrants and represents that it has cleared all synchronisation rights for broadcast usage of the Sound Recordings at no charge to TurnUp Music. As we have links with various TV production companies we will attempt to place your track on their programmes. Whilst no payment will be made for the master rights, all mechanical royalties are paid out via the blanket licenses issued to broadcasters by CAPASSO. You will need to be registered with SAMRO or an accredited publisher who will collect on your behalf. As this is not an exclusive arrangement with TurnUp Music you are free to contact TV productions yourself.

Sync licensing is optional and not mandatory on TurnUp music. Should you not wish TurnUp Music to solicit synchronisation please do not tick this box (this does not affect our relationship and your track will still be offered for streaming and download).

What is CAPASSO?
CAPASSO is a mechanical rights licensing agency based in Johannesburg – South Africa, which collects and distributes royalties to its members: music publishers and composers. CAPASSO licenses the reproduction or reformatting of musical works. This is because mechanical right (which forms part of copyright) is raised whenever a reproduction (copy) or format transfer takes place. CAPASSO is authorised, by way of mandate from its members, to issue such mechanical rights licenses, collect the license fees and distribute them as royalties back to the members.
How does it work if I am self-published?
If self-published, please advise accordingly. As long as we have your tracks details along with composer/ author details the track can be listed under ‘Copy Right Control’ until you have concluded a publishing deal for songs you have written.
Is it a problem if our music is already distributed through channels like iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer and Spotify?
No, it is not a problem to have more than one digital distributor. As the TurnUp Music deal is non-exclusive, you are free to place on any other services.
How much does it cost to distribute my tracks on TurnUp Music?
Distributing your music through TurnUp Music is absolutely free. In fact, we pay you 70% of the income for every stream of your tracks on our multiple platforms.
How do I get paid?
TurnUp Music reports to you on a quarterly basis, subject to you having accumulated R500 or more in earnings. We give you a complete breakdown of your content sold, on a track by-track basis. The reports will then be followed by the payment after you have provided us with an invoice.
Can I sell my album on TurnUp Music?
Yes, an album can be sold on a track by track basis. However it cannot be sold as a bundle.
Can you make my track available to customers as a Ring Back Tone?
Yes, we offer this service as part of our innovative promotions structure on the Vodacom partner platform. Please send a
request to info@turnupmusic.com. Note: we don’t upload full albums/EPs as Welcome Tones, only your top tracks.
Why should I choose TurnUp Music?
We are focused exclusively on local talent. Our unique music platform is the home to both established and undiscovered artists who are keen to make their music available to a large South African audience who access music and the internet on their phones.
How long does it take for my music to go live?

We aim to have your music live in 14-21 working days, after receiving the counter signed Contract (partner platform’s processes dependent).

Is TurnUp Music a record label?
We are different in that we focus on creating opportunities to grow artists and amplify their careers.  We also pay 70% of download revenue as well as use our access to various TV shows in South Africa to promote the music we have on our platform.
I do not have a publishing deal. Can you assist me?
You may still submit your music to TurnUp Music even if you do not have a publishing deal. It will be kept under copyright control until you do.
What can I do if somebody has submitted my music as their own on TurnUp Music?
You can file a copyright infringement claim by contacting us on infringement@turnupmusic.com, and we’ll work with you to establish your ownership of the track(s).
Am I locked into TurnUp Music when I sign or can I still control my music?
TurnUp Music allows you the flexibility to manage your career path and the platforms to which you upload in the future. We operate on a non-exclusive basis and the details of our contract terms are available online as part of the submission process.
What if my music becomes really popular and a label approaches me to sign a recording deal?
You are in full control of your career and you may sign a recording with a label of your choice.
What type of music can I find on TurnUp Music?

You can find different genres of music including Hip Hop, House, Pop, Gospel, Rock, Kwaito, Afro-Pop and Soul, to name a few.

How can I contact you?
You can send us an email on info@turnupmusic.com
Will you share my contact information with third parties?
We respect your privacy.
How do I get my music removed from TurnUp Music partner platforms?
Send a takedown notice, with a reason, to info@turnupmusic.com.
I am experiencing an error when uploading my music to the site. What could the problem be?
Please check the size of your MP3 file, it should be 8MB or less. You can compress your file on mp3smaller and it will still keep the audio quality: http://www.mp3smaller.com
Will my submission be successful without a single or album artwork?

No content will be uploaded without an acceptable artwork for the music submitted.  Single/Album/EP image is mandatory. 

Format: jpg
Size: 1000 x 1000 px
Album/Single artwork tips:

You need a cover art for every single and album you release. Not only should that artwork look good, it also has to meet visual guidelines and file format if you want your music to go online. The cover you choose for your single or album plays an important role in representing your music. The text on your cover art needs to match the info you entered for your release (artist name, title of the album/single). Don’t use characters, logos, or products that belong to other people, companies, or institutions. If you use a stock image, pay to download the image without the watermark.

Requirements for uploading the art file: 

Square image
.jpg file
1000 x 1000

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