Kaygee The Vibe ft. Busiswa – Weh DJ

Kaygee The Vibe ft. Busiswa – Weh DJ

Stepping into the South African House scene and making a name for yourself is not at all what it used to be. The industry is saturated with so many young talented jocks, producers with different sounds. The internet has brought the world to our fingerprints and DJ’s today are loved and known for different reasons. So how does one step into the game and be noticed? How does a new guy climb his way to the top to have his name mentioned alongside the Black Coffee’s and Tira’s of this world. This is a question Kaygee The Vibe finds himself answering with his brand new single “Weh DJ” ft. Busiswa.

Katlego Mlangeni also known as Kaygee The Vibe describes himself as a hard-working DJ from Tembisa. He recently released his first single “Weh DJ” off the “Summer Life” project that has taken dance floors by storm. His decision to work with Busiswa on his very first single must be a calculated one. The collaboration gives him an association with a well-recognized vocalist, allowing a lot more trust from the listeners. The South African audience tends to gravitate towards what it already knows, this could result in the song being very popular. This is one element Kaygee has mastered to set himself apart.

The beat on the single is 100% summer vibe! The “Qhom” influence is evident through the entire song and it compliments Busiswa’s vocals. It is easy on the ear and should continue to make rounds on South African dance floors. I would however consider working on a stronger social media presence, this would ensure the song has a longer shelf life and does not drown in the many singles dropped around December season. Songs like “iDibala” by King Monada are a perfect example of the use of social media to promote a song. I think if Kaygee added a music video or a dance challenge to the promotion of his song, he could totally stand out from other young DJ’s doing their thing.

Listen “Weh DJ” by Kaygee The Vibe ft. Busiswa on JOOX and let us know what you think of this latest single >> bit.ly/JOOXWehDJ

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