Runtown & Nasty C & Soundgod – No Permission

Runtown & Nasty C & Soundgod – No Permission

Brand new single from Runtown and Nasty C, only this time they feature Soundgod and its titled – No Permission. You might have heard their first single “Said” that dropped about 11 months ago under Coca Cola. The duo is back with a hard-hitting trap beat that has the very best of Nigeria going head to head to head with the very best of South Africa.

The title of the track is perfect  – No Permission, only because compared to their last track the two artists sound a lot freer. Their lyrical content is a lot more hardcore and centered around usual rap themes with lyrics speaking on money and women as a subject matter. This is probably something they could not do on their first collaboration as it was brought together by a commercial company. Thus the title – No Permission making perfect sense for their second single. The two make a perfect duo as their sounds are very different but find a way to really compliment each other. Nasty has the clever flows and world play covered while Runtown rules with “sing-songy” lyrics that are hard to forget.

The single was released with a really cool music video, that seemed to be shot on a low budget but with clever editing and beautiful styling.  They make use of some really cool shots in a nice location to tell the story. A constant pink grading is added to the picture that makes the colours stand out really well. A good video, showing that not every project requires a ton of money to gain success. If you again compare this video to that of the -Said music video with Coca Cola, you can tell the two artists did this more as a passion project.

These two African Icons should consider doing a full on project. We have seen such Duo’s in the Hip-Hop game produce albums that are now considered classics. If Runtown and Nasty C can produce anything like -Distant Relatives or -Careful What you Wish For, then the Hip – Hop community still has a lot in store!

Listen to Runtown and Nasty C’s – No Permission out now on JOOX


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